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brick cleaning

Brick and Stone Cleaning

Years of paint, city grime, pollution and weather can take a heavy toll on brickwork. Gladstone Tuck Pointing & Restoration are here to rewind the clock and make your building beautiful again. Contact us from anywhere in London and the South East.

stone repair

At Gladstone Tuck Pointing and Restoration, we know that brick and stone can fall victim to the elements over the years. The condition of both brick and stone can deteriorate due to pollution, general wear and tear or inclement weather. Our team are fully qualified and experienced in both brick and stone cleaning techniques and can help you restore your brick or stone back to its former glory. We have experience in cleaning a number of historical buildings including the Royal Palaces. It is essential to keep brick and stone as clean as possible over time to reduce the risk of damage or decay due to uncleanliness.

Stone and brick must be cleaned carefully and professionally to ensure the longevity of statues, walls and features. Incorrect or abrasive cleaning can lead to increased rates of decay and poor structural integrity. Our team are able to clean statues, buildings, walls and various historical buildings to keep them looking their best and can remove moss, dirt and dust from all brick and stone. We will also ensure to test a small area of the brick and stone prior to cleaning the full area to ensure no damage is caused by the removal method we choose.

brick cleaning
decorative stone pillar toppers

Our team are experienced in various types of brick and stone including both soft and harder bricks. It is essential to maintain the cleanliness of your brick and stone as it not only restores the appearance but helps to maintain a building's facade. Our cleaning methods are effective but non-abrasive, ensuring you won't see any damage to your brick or stone and we are experienced in brick pointing and stone restoration, ensuring a high-quality service each time.

If your brick and stone is looking weathered and in need of cleaning, please contact us to discuss our cleaning methods or to book a job.

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