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Brick Work

Heritage brick work is undeniably beautiful and throughout London and the South East the variety of bricks and patterns are vast. If your brick work requires some tlc contact the team at Gladstone Tuck Pointing & Restoration.

what is it?

Before the 19th century, bricks were primarily employed in home construction only for chimneys as a fire precaution. As time passed, the popularity of bricks grew, with ‘yellow stocks’ becoming a staple in London. However, the advent of ‘red’ bricks eventually relegated yellow bricks to the backs of buildings. At Gladstone Tuck Pointing & Restoration, our deep-seated expertise spans decades, making us well-versed in the complexity of brickwork. Terminologies like ‘stock,’ ‘brindle,’ ‘diaper,’ ‘faience,’ ‘bond,’ ‘gault,’ ‘tuck pointing,’ ‘header,’ and ‘fletton’ are all in a day’s work for our specialized brick experts.

WOrking Relations

We have close working relations with all suppliers of both new and reclaimed bricks and can readily source any bricks required for contracts new or old. We ensure all our employees are developed and trained in both traditional methods and any new and upcoming methods. We actively participate in apprentice courses for all our brick restoration staff as we are aware of the need to develop future generations in traditional methods of laying/mortar mixes and repairs to ensure that the historic nature of any building is preserved.

working relations

To preserve the longevity of statues, walls, and architectural features made from stone or brick, it’s crucial to employ cleaning methods that are both careful and professional. Improper or harsh cleaning techniques can accelerate decay and compromise the structural integrity of these elements. Our skilled team is proficient in restoring the appearance of various structures, from statues and buildings to walls and historical landmarks, effectively removing accumulations of moss, dirt, and dust from all types of brick and stone materials. Prior to undertaking a full-scale cleaning, we always perform a test on a small patch to ensure that our chosen cleaning method will not inflict any damage.


Our team at Gladstone Tuck Pointing and Restoration are experienced in a variety of different brickwork services including brick repair, brick replacement to installing new heads. Our team are also experienced in a range of different brick types as mentioned above. Fletton bricks are the construction industry’s common brick and are very hard and dense whilst faience bricks are made from clay. Our team are also experienced in a range of patterns including diaper (a brick pattern of repeating diamonds) and bond (a systematic arrangement of bricks to ensure stability). This experience ensures that our team will exceed your needs no matter what they are.